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Below are the answers to some of the questions we receive most often regarding registration, response submission, and membership.

If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you.

An awarded contract holder is a company or individual who responded to a KPC bid invitation and was successful in winning a bid to provide goods/services to KPC members under a bid contract.

You must respond to a bid invitation, complete the formal bid process, and be awarded a bid by the KPC governing board. A company does not become an awarded KPC vendor by joining the KPC mailing list or by creating an account on the KPC website.

Instructions to register for an account and create a bid response can be found here.

KPC solicits bid proposals for products and services commonly used from one member to another - ranging from office supplies and computer software to band supplies and food. This collective bidding approach allows vendors to prepare and submit only one bid proposal for KPC, as opposed to reviewing bid specifications and customizing individual proposals for each member. It also increases the potential for high-volume sales for participating vendors.

The catalog/price list bid is for those vendors who sell through a catalog (online or printed), who utilize sales representatives, or who deliver or ship items to customers.  Catalog/price list vendors must pay a quarterly administrative fee based on sales.

The retail/shelf price bid is for those vendors who sell items through a walk-in retail store where individuals select items off the shelf and checkout at the register.  There is no administrative fee for retail/shelf price vendors.

A preferred vendor bid is typically a line item bid awarded to multiple bidders.  Awarding multiple bidders provides members the opportunity to select the product or service that fits their needs at an increased savings.

You must respond to a preferred vendor bid solicitation and be awarded a contract.  KPC will post preferred vendor bid solicitations at www.kpc4me.com.

Bid effective dates and length of contract vary by solicitation.  Please read all bid specifications carefully.

No, KPC does not charge a fee to submit a bid.  However, KPC charges administrative fees to awarded vendors based on sales.

Administrative fees and payment schedules vary by bid solicitation so please read all bid specifications carefully.  The current administrative fee for catalog/price list vendors is 1.50% of your quarterly sales or a minimum of $150 per quarter.

Participation in the KPC program is strictly voluntary for both members and vendors.  However, many of our public entity members require all of their vendors to bid through KPC to comply with Kentucky Model Procurement code statutes.

You can find this list on the KPC website www.kpc4me.com

KPC membership is open to everyone including public organizations, non-profits, and commercial entities.

KPC membership is free.

For our public entity members KPC bids comply with Kentucky Model Procurement code and provide the best value for your purchasing dollar. Additionally, whether you are a public entity, non-profit, or even a commercial organization, KPC’s buying power is an incentive for vendors to offer lower prices and greater discounts; this means that in the face of leaner budgets you can stretch your dollars a little further.

Yes, while many members choose to utilize KPC contracts exclusively, it is not a requirement for participation.  Members may purchase as much or as little through the KPC program as is in their best interest.