Supplier Information

Homepage CMTA
Phone (502) 326-3085
Address 10411 Meeting Street

Prospect, KY 40059
Classifications Preferred Supplier

Contract Information

Cooperative Name KPC
Contract Name Preferred
Contract Number 10100577-GESC-2018
Contract Term 09/18/2018 – 09/30/2022
Categories Physical Plant
Physical Plant: Guaranteed Energy Savings


What do KPC Guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts Provide?

  • Time savings with the BG-1 process
  • Defined scope before contract
  • Detailed engineering design
  • A Design Build process that ensures materials and systems that meet your energy goals
  • Training for staff and student programs
  • A KPC consultant to provide support for project methodology on behalf of the owner
  • Open book pricing that facilitates owner input regarding energy goals, and selection of prime contractors and materials
  • Vendors that provide ongoing support and commissioning for project outcomes regarding maintenance and operations