School meals are giving kids the goodness of whole grains. Whole grains give kids B vitamins, minerals, and fiber to help them feel full longer so they stay alert to concentrate at school. All grains offered as part of school lunch and breakfast must be “whole grain-rich.”

Foods that meet the whole grain-rich criteria for the school meal programs contain 100 percent whole grain or a blend of whole-grain meal and/or flour and enriched meal and/or flour of which at least 50 percent is whole grain. The remaining 50 percent or less of grains, if any, must be enriched.**

PurchasePros bids for fresh whole grain-rich bakery items on behalf of our members.  Details for current contract holders (including bid solicitation, bid response, contract, price list, service area and nutritionals) can be found at the tabs above.

Bimbo Bakeries, USA
Bimbo Bakeries, USA

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								 Klosterman Baking Company
Klosterman Baking Company

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