“Smarter Purchasing Starts Here”

PurchasePros, formerly known as KPC, is a leading procurement solutions provider based in Kentucky with 20 years of industry expertise. PurchasePros currently serves over 900 members and offers trusted procurement solutions, transparent compliance, and strategies to drive efficiency and excellence. Our mission is to empower both schools and organizations to make smart sourcing decisions, garner investment in local communities, and achieve goals.

The original business called KPC was founded in Kentucky in 2002 as a joint effort of six of educational service cooperatives to provide procurement solutions to school districts located across the Commonwealth. The mission of providing top notch bidding and procurement services has now been established for over 20 years. As KPC’s success grew, membership expanded beyond the Commonwealth of Kentucky to include over 900 members across 19 states and including the District of Columbia (Washington DC).

The transformation from KPC to PurchasePros is founded in helping schools and has expanded to helping organizations and businesses nationwide with procurement solutions. The new name PurchasePros is symbolic to include the word “Purchase” to reflect the company’s service of purchasing solutions across many industries, and “Pros” which reflects the professionalism and success that KPC has delivered to members for over 20 years.

PurchasePros highlights KPC’s high-quality industry experience and strong track record of delivery procurement services across its membership base. Members look to us to provide the best value in purchasing while meeting the legal requirements of the Kentucky model procurement code (KRS 45A.345 to 45A.460) which is a gold standard in purchasing compliance.  Thru the power of group purchasing, PurchasePro members often benefit from lower pricing and better service on items they would already purchase.