September 2014

Food Service Consulting  

KPC has contracted with Food Service Management Solutions to provide food service consulting services to KPC members.  School districts utilizing the KPC prime grocery bid are entitled to a FREE “Fresh Eyes” review consisting of services such as:

  • Financial review
  • Review of current menus for price and nutritional analysis.
  • Review menu planning process including pre-costing procedures and methods
  • Review of current staffing levels
  • Review labor productivity
  • Assess student engagement
  • Review at least one serving area
  • Review current HACCP compliance

For more information contact Sharon Fields ( or Brenda Richardson (


If you know of any organizations in your community that would benefit from a FREE KPC membership please forward Sharon Fields ( their contact information.  

Save The Date

KPC Nutrition Meeting October 22, 2014 Northeast Christian Church Lexington, KY

Sessions-CEUs requested

  • What’s New: Menu requirements and patterns for various groups.
  • Success in Program participation while decreasing waste.
  • Product Reviews (Vendor)
  • Fresh Culinary Recipes and ideas for making a smarter program.
  • Looking ahead for 2014-2015 for Success

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