KPC provides bidding and procurement services to over 650 members across 10 states and the District of Columbia. Members may participate in KPC for FREE.

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KPC members are primarily public schools located in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  These members look to us to provide the best value in purchasing while meeting the legal requirements of the Kentucky model procurement code (KRS 45A.345 to 45A.460).  Thru the power of group purchasing, KPC members often benefit from lower pricing on items they would already purchase.


MemberMember TypeState
Adair County SchoolK-12 MemberKentucky
Allen County SchoolK-12 MemberKentucky
Anchorage Independent SchoolK-12 MemberKentucky
Anderson County SchoolK-12 MemberKentucky
Ashland Independent SchoolK-12 MemberKentucky
Augusta Independent SchoolK-12 MemberKentucky
Ballard County SchoolK-12 MemberWest Virginia
Barbourville Independent SchoolK-12 MemberKentucky
Bardstown Independent SchoolK-12 MemberKentucky
Barren County SchoolK-12 MemberKentucky
Bath County SchoolK-12 MemberKentucky
Beechwood Independent SchoolK-12 MemberKentucky
Bell County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Bellevue Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Berea Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Boone County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Bourbon County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Bowling Green Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Boyd County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Boyle County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Bracken County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Breathitt County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Breckinridge County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Bullitt County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Bugin Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Burgin Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Butler County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Caldwell County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Calloway County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Campbell County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Campbellsville Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Carlisle County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Carroll County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Carter County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Casey County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Caverna Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Christian County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Clark County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Clay County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Clinton County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Cloverport Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Corbin Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Covington Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Crittenden County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Cumberland County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Danville Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Daviess County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Dawson Springs Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Dayton Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
East Bernstadt Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Edmonson County Schools SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Elizabethtown Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Elliott County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Eminence Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Erlanger-Elsmere Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Estill County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Fairview Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Fayette County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Fleming County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Floyd County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Fort Thomas Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Franklin County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Fulton County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Fulton Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Gallatin County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Garrard County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Glasgow IndependentK-12 MemberKentucky
Grant County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Graves County Schools K-12 MemberKentucky
Grayson County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Green County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Greenup County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Hancock County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Hardin County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Harlan County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Harlan Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Harrison County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Hart County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Hazard Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Henderson County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Henry County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Hickman County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Hopkins County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Jackson County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Jackson Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Jefferson County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Jenkins Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Jessamine County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Johnson County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Kenton County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Knott County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Knox County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
LaRue County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Laurel County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Lawrence County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Lee County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Leslie County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Letcher County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Lewis County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Lincoln County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Livingston County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Logan County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Ludlow Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Lyon County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Madison County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Magoffin County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Marion County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Marshall County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Martin County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Mason County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Mayfield Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
McCracken County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
McCreary County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
McLean County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Meade County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Menifee County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Mercer County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Metcalfe County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Middlesboro Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Monroe County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Montgomery County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Morgan County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Muhlenberg County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Murray Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Nelson County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Newport Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Nicholas County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Ohio County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Oldham County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Owen County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Owensboro Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Owsley County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Paducah Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Paintsville Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Paris Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Pendleton County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Perry County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Pike County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Pikeville Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Pineville Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Powell County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Pulaski County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Raceland Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Robertson County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Rockcastle County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Rowan County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Russell County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Russell Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Russellville Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Science Hill Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Scott County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Shelby County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Silver Grove Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Simpson County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Somerset Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Southgate Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Spencer County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Taylor County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Todd County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Trigg County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Trimble County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Union County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Walton Verona Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Warren County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Washington County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Wayne County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Webster County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
West Point Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Whitley County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Williamsburg Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Williamstown Independent SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Wolfe County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
Woodford County SchoolsK-12 MemberKentucky
KEDCCooperative MemberKentucky
GRRECCooperative MemberKentucky
SESCCooperative MemberKentucky
NKCESCooperative MemberKentucky
KPCCooperative MemberKentucky
Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corp.K-12 MemberIndiana
OVECCooperative MemberKentucky
WKECCooperative MemberKentucky
WKUHigher Education MemberKentucky
MSUHigher Education MemberKentucky
NKUHigher Education MemberKentucky
EKUHigher Education MemberKentucky
Murray State UniversityHigher Education MemberKentucky
Berea CollegeHigher Education MemberKentucky
UKHigher Education MemberKentucky
ACTCHigher Education MemberKentucky
Gateway Community &Technical CollegeHigher Education MemberKentucky
Kentucky Christian UniversityHigher Education MemberKentucky
University of PikevilleHigher Education MemberKentucky
Bluegrass Community & Technical CollegeHigher Education MemberKentucky
Indiana UniversityHigher Education MemberIndiana
Class Act Federal Credit Union-Louisville KYNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Evangel Christian Schools-Louisville KYPrivate School MemberKentucky
Portland Christian School-Louisville KYPrivate School MemberKentucky
Saint Mark School-Richmond KYPrivate School MemberKentucky
Center for Rural Development-Somerset KYNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Advance Memorial UMC-Flatwoods KYChurch MemberKentucky
Diocese of CovingtonPrivate School MemberKentucky
Edmonson County Fiscal CourtGovernment MemberKentucky
Kentucky Country Day School-LouisvilleDaycare MemberKentucky
Lakeside Christian ChurchChurch MemberKentucky
Paramount Arts Center-Ashland KYNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Warren County Fiscal CourtGovernment MemberKentucky
Archdiocese of LouisvillePrivate School MemberKentucky
Louisville Collegiate SchoolHigher Education MemberKentucky
Greenup Co. Federal Credit UnionNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Minford Local SchoolsK-12 MemberIndiana
Apple Patch-Crestwood KYNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Christ the King School-EvansvillePrivate School MemberIndiana
Saint John the Baptist CatholicPrivate School MemberIndiana
South Spencer County School CorpK-12 MemberIndiana
Saint Wendel Catholic SchoolPrivate School MemberIndiana
John Paul The Great Catholic High SchoolPrivate School MemberIndiana
MSD of Mount VernonPrivate School MemberIndiana
Scioto County SchoolsK-12 MemberOhio
Greenup Genealogy and Historical SocietyNon-Profit MemberKentucky
United States Equestrian AssociationNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Hospice of the BluegrassNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Allen County Judge Executive OfficeGovernment MemberKentucky
Operation Open Arms-Louisville Non-Profit MemberKentucky
Crestwood Baptist ChurchChurch MemberKentucky
United States Hunter Jumper AssociationNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Jeffersontown City HallGovernment MemberKentucky
Bellewood Presbyterian Home for ChildrenNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Lyndon Fire DepartmentNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Community Coordinated Child Care (4-C)Daycare MemberKentucky
Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP)Non-Profit MemberKentucky
Owensboro DiocesePrivate School MemberKentucky
Christ Lutheran Church- LouisvilleChurch MemberKentucky
Henderson County Attorneys OfficeGovernment MemberKentucky
Franklin County Road DepartmentGovernment MemberKentucky
Louisville Adventist AcademyPrivate School MemberKentucky
Sesser, City ofGovernment MemberIllinois
Marion Unit 2 School DistrictK-12 MemberIllinois
Trigg County Hospital-CadizGovernment MemberKentucky
Marion City Hall- ILGovernment MemberIllinois
Illinois Department of ConservationGovernment MemberIllinois
Northern KY Education CouncilNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Bowling Green Municipal UtilitiesGovernment MemberKentucky
Saint John the Baptist School Private School MemberIllinois
Career Development CenterNon-Profit MemberIllinois
Duquoin Community SchoolsK-12 MemberIllinois
Shawnee College Talent SearchNon-Profit MemberIllinois
Cornerstone Montessori SchoolPrivate School MemberKentucky
North Hardin Christian SchoolPrivate School MemberKentucky
University of EvansvilleHigher Education MemberIndiana
Saint  Frances of AssisiPrivate School MemberKentucky
American Printing HouseBusiness MemberKentucky
Oneida Baptist InstitutePrivate School MemberKentucky
Middletown United Methodist PreschoolChurch MemberKentucky
Connected NationNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Buffalo Trace Council, Inc. EvansvivlleNon-Profit MemberIndiana
Saint Anthony's HospiceNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Park City KentuckyGovernment MemberKentucky
Bowling Green Area Convention Visitors BureauNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Portland Memorial Baptist ChurchChurch MemberKentucky
SI Coalition for the HomelessNon-Profit MemberIllinois
Cobden Unit School District #17K-12 MemberIllinois
Phoenix Rehab and NursingNon-Profit MemberIllinois
Williamson County Economic DevelopmentGovernment MemberIllinois
Mount Vernon Police DepartmentGovernment MemberIndiana
City of Johnston CityGovernment MemberIllinois
Breckinridge-Grayson Programs, Inc.Non-Profit MemberKentucky
Sunrise Children's ServicesNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Saint Matthews UMCChurch MemberKentucky
United Steel Workers Local 104Non-Profit MemberIndiana
Dominican Campus, TheHigher Education MemberTennessee
Unity Christian SchoolPrivate School MemberIllinois
Town of Chandler Utilities and Sewer Dept.Government MemberIndiana
Passport Health PlanNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Central Kentucky Head StartDaycare MemberKentucky
Saint Rose of LimaPrivate School MemberTennessee
Saint Henry SchoolPrivate School MemberTennessee
Walton CityGovernment MemberKentucky
Lyon County Fiscal CourtGovernment MemberKentucky
Clay CityGovernment MemberKentucky
Ashland Child DevelopmentDaycare MemberKentucky
City of HurricaneGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Polk CountyGovernment MemberFlorida
Zion Baptist Church-HendersonChurch MemberKentucky
Community Action Council-LexingtonNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Summit Church of the Nazarene-AshlandChurch MemberKentucky
Christ the King School-LexingtonPrivate School MemberKentucky
Marshall UniversityHigher Education MemberKentucky
Cammack Children's Center-HuntingtonDaycare MemberWest Virginia
Odyssey Centers-LouisaNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Greenup Baptist Association-AshlandNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Pathways, Inc.Non-Profit MemberKentucky
Senior Services of Northern KentuckyNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Ashland Specialty Co. LLCBusiness MemberKentucky
Oakland Avenue Baptist Church-CatlettsburgChurch MemberKentucky
Central Church of Christ-PortsmouthChurch MemberOhio
Southern Hills Early Childhood Program-LexingtonDaycare MemberKentucky
Lifesong Church-RussellChurch MemberKentucky
Olive Hill Christian ChurchChurch MemberKentucky
University of Rio GrandeHigher Education MemberKentucky
Hope's Place-AshlandNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Unity Baptist Church-AshlandChurch MemberKentucky
Black Diamond Girl Scout Council Inc.Non-Profit MemberWest Virginia
Johnson Memorial Church-HuntingtonChurch MemberWest Virginia
Owensboro, City ofGovernment MemberKentucky
Gallia Local SchoolsK-12 MemberOhio
Saint Mary's Medical CenterNon-Profit MemberWest Virginia
Immanuel Baptist Church-LexingtonChurch MemberKentucky
Wilderness Trace Child Development CenterDaycare MemberKentucky
Grace Gospel Church/SchoolChurch MemberWest Virginia
Mount Vernon Baptist ChurchChurch MemberWest Virginia
Southland Bible InstitutePrivate School MemberKentucky
Northern Kentucky Community Action CommissionNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Ramey Estep-RushNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Cornerstone UMC-PortsmouthChurch MemberOhio
East Fork UMC-RushChurch MemberKentucky
Thorn Hill Education Center- FrankfortPrivate School MemberKentucky
Safe Harbor-AshlandNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Ironton-Lawrence County Community ActionGovernment MemberOhio
Bridges Christian Church-RussellChurch MemberKentucky
Noah's Ark Preschool-AshlandDaycare MemberKentucky
Buckeye Rural Electric-Rio GrandeBusiness MemberOhio
Central Kentucky Riding for Hope-LexingtonNon-Profit MemberKentucky
SOMC-PortsmouthNon-Profit MemberOhio
Cabell County Health DepartmentGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Impact Life Center-FlorenceNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Pathways of Holiness Church, Inc.-ShepherdsvilleChurch MemberKentucky
Central Child Care of West Virginia Inc.-CharlestonDaycare MemberWest Virginia
Wildwood First Church of God-AshlandChurch MemberKentucky
Gallatin County Public LibraryGovernment MemberKentucky
United Way of Northeast Kentucky-AshlandNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Curtis Legal Services, OSC-AshlandBusiness MemberKentucky
Early Construction-South PointBusiness MemberOhio
Glockner Chevrolet-PortsmouthBusiness MemberOhio
Harvest Christian Academy-South PortsmouthPrivate School MemberKentucky
Bethel Lutheran Church & Preschool-RussellChurch MemberKentucky
Rose Hill Church-AshlandChurch MemberKentucky
First Baptist Church CeredoChurch MemberWest Virginia
Counseling Center, The-PortsmouthNon-Profit MemberOhio
Malone Funeral Home-GraysonBusiness MemberKentucky
Jackson County Housing Authority-RipleyGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Christ Temple-HuntingtonChurch MemberWest Virginia
M & G Polymers USA LLC-Apple GroveBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Ripley Baptist TempleChurch MemberWest Virginia
Clearon Corporation-South CharlestonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Gallia County Chamber-GallipolisGovernment MemberOhio
Area Agency on Aging District 7-Rio GrandeGovernment MemberOhio
Thacker Memorial Inc.-PikevilleNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Reger Funeral Home-HuntingtonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Boyd County Clerk-CatlettsburgGovernment MemberKentucky
Cabell County Public Library-HuntingtonGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Day Surgery Center-CharlestonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Providence Christian Academy-MurfreesboroPrivate School MemberTennessee
Portsmouth Public LibraryNon-Profit MemberOhio
Spilman Thomas & Battle, PLLC-CharlestonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Somerville & Company, LLC-HuntingtonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Lifelong Learning Christian Academy, Inc.-RacelandPrivate School MemberKentucky
NKYUMC Food Ministry-LatoniaNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Neel, Hooper & Banes-HuntingtonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Greenup Presbyterian ChurchChurch MemberKentucky
Bailey & Glasser LLP-CharlestonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Scioto County Board of ElectionsGovernment MemberOhio
West Virginia Oil Marketers & Grocers AssociationBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Concept Mining, Inc.-PrincetonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners-AshlandBusiness MemberKentucky
Rosemount City Insurance Agency-PortsmouthBusiness MemberOhio
Highland Machinery Corp.-Oak HillGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Greater Cincinnati World Affairs CouncilGovernment MemberOhio
Mountain Mission-CharlestonNon-Profit MemberWest Virginia
West Virginia Humanities CouncilGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Pike County SheriffGovernment MemberKentucky
Greenup County Public LibraryGovernment MemberKentucky
David Mussetter Attorney-CatlettsburgBusiness MemberKentucky
Maranatha Baptist Church-CharlestonChurch MemberWest Virginia
Highlawn Presbyterian Church-HuntingtinChurch MemberWest Virginia
Big Sandy Detention Center-PaintsvilleGovernment MemberKentucky
Crosspoint Church-HuntingtonChurch MemberWest Virginia
Great Expectations-CharlestonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Wurtland Church of GodChurch MemberKentucky
Wastren-EnergX Mission Support-PiketonBusiness MemberOhio
Trinity Episcopal Church-HuntingtonChurch MemberWest Virginia
Consumers Gas Company-HuntingtonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Thoroughbred Agency, Inc.-AshlandBusiness MemberKentucky
Pike County Health DepartmentGovernment MemberKentucky
Beckley Raleigh Convention CenterBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Louisville MetroGovernment MemberKentucky
Home of the Innocents-LouisvilleNon-Profit MemberKentucky
NGK Spark Plugs (U.S.A.) Inc.-SissonvilleBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Ashley Furniture-CharlestonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Riverview Wesleyan Church-PortsmouthChurch MemberOhio
Shuman McCusky & Slicer-Charleston Business MemberWest Virginia
Fields Excavating-Kitts Hill Business MemberOhio
Kemron Environmental Svcs-Poca Business MemberWest Virginia
1st Congregational Church-HuntingtonChurch MemberWest Virginia
Dr. Ryan Sandlin-PortsmouthBusiness MemberOhio
Ashland Credit UnionNon-Profit MemberKentucky
JCDC-MillwoodBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Griffith, Delaney, Hillman, & Company-AshlandBusiness MemberKentucky
Milton, City ofGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Saint Stephens Catholic Church-Ona Church MemberWest Virginia
Point Pleasant Presbyterian ChurchChurch MemberWest Virginia
Pea Ridge Baptist Church-Huntington Church MemberWest Virginia
Addiction Recovery Care (ARC) & Affialites-Louisa Non-Profit MemberKentucky
Mercer County Convention Center & Visitors BureauBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Manpower-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust Board-CharlestonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
River City Associates/Pullman Plaza Hotel-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
Sciotoville Community SchoolK-12 MemberOhio
Carter County Fiscal CourtGovernment MemberKentucky
Moses Inc.-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
CJ Hughes Construction/Contractors Rental Corp.-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
West Virginia Education AssociationGovernment MemberWest Virginia
West Virginia State Medical AssociationGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Ceredo, Town ofGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Mid-East Community Action Agency-Kingston Non-Profit MemberTennessee
Gatens-Harding Funeral Home-Poca Business MemberWest Virginia
Symmes Valley School District-Willow Wood K-12 MemberOhio
Bagby Memorial United Methodist-Grayson Church MemberKentucky
Portable Solutions Group-Worthington Business MemberKentucky
Preston & Salango-Charleston Business MemberWest Virginia
First Baptist of Olive HillChurch MemberKentucky
KYOVA Tri-State Mall-Ashland Business MemberKentucky
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School-New Albany Private School MemberIndiana
Tazewell County SheriffGovernment MemberVirginia
Markwest Hydrocarbon Inc.-South Shore Business MemberKentucky
Cabell Huntington Hospital/Family Urgent CareNon-Profit MemberWest Virginia
Huntington, City of-Fairfield East Comm CtrGovernment MemberWest Virginia
EnAct, Inc.-Charleston Non-Profit MemberWest Virginia
Holy Spirit Orthodox Church-Huntington Church MemberWest Virginia
K.S. of West Virginia Co. LTD.-HuntingtonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Kitchens By Woody's-BarbourvilleBusiness MemberWest Virginia
New Life Church-Huntington Church MemberWest Virginia
Sunshine United Methodist Church-South Shore Church MemberKentucky
Winfield Baptist ChurchChurch MemberWest Virginia
West Virgina Paving, Inc.-DunbarBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Kentucky Racing Health & Welfare Fund-LouisvilleNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Bailey & Glasser LLP-St. Petersburg Business MemberFlorida
Bailey & Glasser LLP-Washington DCBusiness MemberWashington DC
C.E. Adkins and Son Painting-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
WB Fosson & Sons Inc.-Ashland Business MemberKentucky
Superior Marine Ways, Inc.-South Point Business MemberOhio
Bestitle Agency, Inc.-Ironton Business MemberOhio
Scioto County CAOGovernment MemberOhio
Mountwest Community & Technical CollegeHigher Education MemberWest Virginia
Elliott County Fiscal CourtGovernment MemberKentucky
Geiger Brothers-Jackson Business MemberOhio
United Way of the River Cities-Huntington Non-Profit MemberWest Virginia
Greenup County Clerk's OfficeGovernment MemberKentucky
Owingsville First Christian ChurchChurch MemberKentucky
Southwestern Community Action Inc.-HuntingtonNon-Profit MemberWest Virginia
ModSpace-LouisvilleBusiness MemberKentucky
Northern Wayne Co PSDGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Forrest Burdette UMC-Hurricane Church MemberWest Virginia
City of HopkinsvilleGovernment MemberKentucky
Curious Edge, The-LexingtonNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Gallia County Prosecuting Atty's OfficeBusiness MemberOhio
Cornerstone Nazerene-Wheelersburg Church MemberOhio
Diamond Electric, Mfg. Corp.-Eleanor Business MemberWest Virginia
Boyd County Fiscal CourtGovernment MemberKentucky
Office of the Public Defender-Charleston Government MemberWest Virginia
Huntington Retina Center, Inc.Business MemberWest Virginia
Ashland Childrens ClinicBusiness MemberKentucky
Village of BarbourvilleGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Premier Physical Therapy-AshlandBusiness MemberKentucky
McKenzie, Woolery and Webb, PSC-AshlandBusiness MemberKentucky
Collins Career Center-ChesapeakeHigher Education MemberOhio
Johnston Law Office-JacksonBusiness MemberOhio
First Presbyterian Church-HuntingtonChurch MemberWest Virginia
J&J General Maintenance-AshlandBusiness MemberKentucky
Energy Corporation of America-CharlestonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Boyd County Attorney's OfficeGovernment MemberKentucky
Holiday Inn/Ridgeline-South Charleston Business MemberWest Virginia
McCoy Construction-Salt Rock Business MemberWest Virginia
Gallipolois Christian ChurchChurch MemberOhio
Greenup County Coop ExtensionGovernment MemberKentucky
Pharmacy Associates, Inc.-HuntingtonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Literacy Volunteers of Kanawha Co.Non-Profit MemberWest Virginia
Kentucky Railway MuseumBusiness MemberKentucky
West Virginia Hotel Ventures, Inc.Business MemberWest Virginia
Hampton Inn-CharlestonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Transitions-Ashland Non-Profit MemberKentucky
Spectrum Outreach Services, LTD-Gallipolis Business MemberOhio
Intermountain Electronics-South Point Business MemberOhio
Harrison County SchoolsK-12 MemberWest Virginia
Kerr's Music World, Inc.-Charleston Business MemberWest Virginia
Boy Scouts of America, Buckskin CouncilNon-Profit MemberWest Virginia
Portsmouth City SchoolsK-12 MemberOhio
Garner Baptist Church-Rush Church MemberKentucky
McDonald's-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
Atomic Distributing Company-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
Chapman Printing-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
Portsmouth Mission AllianceNon-Profit MemberOhio
Mt. Washington, City ofGovernment MemberKentucky
WVU Behavioral Medicine & PhychiatryBusiness MemberWest Virginia
McNiel Fence-Charleston Business MemberWest Virginia
Kanawha/Charleston Health DepartmentGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Meigs Co. Job & Family ServicesGovernment MemberOhio
Baptist Temple-Huntington Church MemberWest Virginia
Wayne County Health DepartmentGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Shawnee Hills Baptist Church-Portsmouth Church MemberOhio
Nicholas County SchoolsK-12 MemberWest Virginia
West Virginia Housing Development FundGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Blume Law Firm-Wheelersburg Business MemberOhio
Tri State AirportBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Kanawha Co. Sheriff Home ConfinementGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Jackson City SchoolsK-12 MemberOhio
Lawrence Co. Cooperative ExtensionGovernment MemberKentucky
Saxon Drawings-Gallipolis Business MemberOhio
New Boston Local SchoolsK-12 MemberOhio
Kenco Associates, Inc.-Ashland Business MemberKentucky
First Christian Church-Olive Hill Church MemberKentucky
Westmoreland United Methodist Church-HuntingtonChurch MemberWest Virginia
Three Gables Surgery Center-Proctorville Business MemberOhio
Roberts Family Practice-Portsmouth Business MemberOhio
Jackson County Job & Family ServicesGovernment MemberOhio
Boyd County Detention CenterGovernment MemberKentucky
Jenkins Fenstermaker, PLLC-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
Ciggarello, Del Guidice, & LaFon-Charleston Business MemberWest Virginia
Edgewood Summit, Inc.-Charleston Non-Profit MemberWest Virginia
West Virginia University-ParkersburgHigher Education MemberWest Virginia
Jeremy L. Clark, Attorney at Law-Catlettsburg Business MemberKentucky
Watters Painting, Inc.-Eleanor Business MemberWest Virginia
Todd Case Trucking Inc.-Louisa Business MemberKentucky
Jackson-Madison County School SystemK-12 MemberTennessee
Kanawha County Parks & RecreationGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Dignity Hospice-Chapmanville Non-Profit MemberWest Virginia
Meigs County Council on Aging-Pomeroy Government MemberOhio
Learning Station, The-Barbourville Non-Profit MemberWest Virginia
Magnetech-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
Crosscutting Concepts, LLC-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
Smart Stop of FlatwoodsBusiness MemberKentucky
Georgetown CollegeHigher Education MemberKentucky
Stephen Burcham, CPA-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
Karen Jarrell, CPA-Barbourville Business MemberWest Virginia
Daniels Law Firm-Charleston Business MemberWest Virginia
Mingo County Redevelopment AuthorityGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Rapid City Area Schools District OfficeK-12 MemberSouth Dakota
Ceramic Technology, Inc.-Cedar Bluff Business MemberVirginia
Dr. Jeri Jones-Ashland KYBusiness MemberKentucky
Spring Hill Elementary School-Huntington K-12 MemberWest Virginia
Legislative Services-Charleston Government MemberWest Virginia
First United Methodist Church-Charleston Church MemberWest Virginia
C.W. Electric Inc.-Ashland Business MemberKentucky
Eastern KY Equipment Sales & Svs. LLC-AshlandBusiness MemberKentucky
Church@the Depot-Scott Depot Church MemberWest Virginia
Farrell, White, & Legg PLLC-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
Porter TownshipGovernment MemberOhio
Jackson County Health DepartmentGovernment MemberOhio
Lawrence County Clerk of CourtGovernment MemberOhio
Charleston NephrologyBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Tri State Lawn Care-Flatwoods Business MemberKentucky
McFarland-Murphy Chevrolet-Grayson Business MemberKentucky
Nitro MechanicalBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Teays Valley Christian School-Scott Depot Private School MemberWest Virginia
Ohio Means Jobs/WDRCGovernment MemberOhio
Wheelersburg Baptist ChurchChurch MemberOhio
West Virginia A Manufacturing, LLC-Beverly Business MemberOhio
Heritage Contractors-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
Rufus & Rufus A.C.-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
Audubon Area Head Start-Owensboro Daycare MemberKentucky
Blevins Medical Group-Ashland Business MemberKentucky
Leading Creek Water District-Rutland Business MemberOhio
Church in the Valley-Milton Church MemberWest Virginia
Fairlawn Baptist Church-Parkersburg Church MemberWest Virginia
National Coal Heritage Authority-Oak Hill Government MemberWest Virginia
1st United Methodist Church of IrontonChurch MemberOhio
Lawrence Co. Board of CommissionersGovernment MemberOhio
Union Baptist Church-Milton Church MemberWest Virginia
Spears & Associates-Ironton Business MemberOhio
Johnson County Cooperative ExtensionGovernment MemberKentucky
Gallia-Vinton Education Service CenterGovernment MemberOhio
Dawson Bryant Local SchoolsK-12 MemberOhio
Mt. Olivet Baptist Church-Charleston Church MemberWest Virginia
Family Support & Rehabilitation Services-Parkersburg Government MemberWest Virginia
Ashland First Church of the NazareneChurch MemberKentucky
Apostolic Life Cathedral-Huntington WVChurch MemberWest Virginia
Newton County School DistrictK-12 MemberGeorgia
Metro Nashville Public SchoolsK-12 MemberTennessee
Goldman & Associates, IncBusiness MemberOhio
Ahoy Transport, LLCBusiness MemberKentucky
United Steel Wokers Union, Local 689Business MemberKentucky
Professional Services of AmericaBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Rock Hill Local School DistrictK-12 MemberOhio
McClure Goad, PLLCBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Allevard Sogefi, USA, Inc.Business MemberKentucky
Marc LazembyBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Huntington Housing AuthorityGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Radon Medical Imaging Corporation Business MemberWest Virginia
Imperial Bedding CoBusiness MemberWest Virginia
UspiritusPrivate School MemberKentucky
Skaggs Law OfficeBusiness MemberOhio
Scioto County Board of Developmental DisabilitiesGovernment MemberOhio
Murfreesboro City SchoolsK-12 MemberTennessee
Rileys Document Services, Inc.Business MemberWest Virginia
Scioto County RecorderGovernment MemberOhio
Immanuel Baptist Church-PikevilleChurch MemberKentucky
Pea Ridge Public Service District-Huntington Government MemberWest Virginia
Wheelersburg United Methodist ChurchChurch MemberOhio
New Beginning ChurchChurch MemberKentucky
Richmond Parks & RecreationGovernment MemberKentucky
Pikeville Housing AuthorityGovernment MemberKentucky
Clay Local School DistrictK-12 MemberOhio
Murfreesboro, City of-Government MemberTennessee
Northeast Natural EnergyBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Cabell-Huntington Convention & Visitors BureauGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Saint Louis Catholic ChurchChurch MemberOhio
Emmaus respite & Resource CenterNon-Profit MemberKentucky
Inez First Baptist ChurchChurch MemberKentucky
Elliott County SheriffGovernment MemberKentucky
E P Leach & Sons Inc.-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
First Church of God-Point Pleasant Church MemberWest Virginia
First Church of the Nazarene - Gallipolis Church MemberOhio
Grace United Methodist Church-Gallipolis Church MemberOhio
Greenup County SheriffGovernment MemberKentucky
Tri State Baptist Temple-South Point Church MemberOhio
Adams Fisher & Chappell, PLLC-RipleyBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Bentley Law Office-IrontonBusiness MemberOhio
First Church of God - GallipolisChurch MemberOhio
Lawrence County Economic Dev. Corp.Business MemberOhio
Lawrence County EngineersBusiness MemberOhio
Paint Creek Baptist Church-Gallipolis Church MemberOhio
Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Local 577Business MemberOhio
Portsmouth Municipal CourtGovernment MemberOhio
Scioto County Commissioners OfficeGovernment MemberOhio
J and M Printing Inc.-Hunting Business MemberWest Virginia
Rolston & Company--Charleston Business MemberWest Virginia
Dr. Jennifer D Roberts, LLCBusiness MemberOhio
Lawrence County RecorderGovernment MemberOhio
Victory Baptist ChurchChurch MemberWest Virginia
IBEW Local Union 575Business MemberOhio
Grassland Community ChurchChurch MemberKentucky
Kanawha County CommissionGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Central United Methodist ChurchChurch MemberWest Virginia
Jordan ChiropracticBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Little, Sheets & Barr LLP-Pomeroy Business MemberOhio
West Virginia Academy of Family PhysiciansBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Boyd County Cooperative Extension OfficeGovernment MemberKentucky
Scioto County Cort of Common PleasGovernment MemberOhio
Raleigh County Communtiy ActionGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Shawnee Mental Health Center, Inc.-Portsmouth Business MemberOhio
First United Methodist Church-Huntington Church MemberWest Virginia
Lexington-Fayette Urban County GovernmentGovernment MemberKentucky
TEA 72Business MemberWest Virginia
Woman's Care Center, Inc.-Parkersburg Business MemberWest Virginia
City of RobardsGovernment MemberKentucky
Carter County Health Dept.Government MemberKentucky
Crew & Nibert Family Dentistry-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
Ehrhart Family Practice, LLC-South Webster Business MemberOhio
Blount County Government MemberTennessee
Citation Investments-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
Bloom Vernon Local School DistrictK-12 MemberOhio
First Church of Christ - Grayson Church MemberKentucky
Brookshire, Barrett, & Associates LLC-Charleston Business MemberWest Virginia
Saint Paul's Lutheran Church-New Haven Church MemberWest Virginia
Sciotoville Church of the NazareneChurch MemberOhio
Hamlin-Lincoln county Public LibraryGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Huntington Sanitary BoardGovernment MemberWest Virginia
Huntington School of BeautyHigher Education MemberWest Virginia
IBEW Local Union 317 Business MemberWest Virginia
John McHenry Attorney at Law-Portsmouth Business MemberOhio
Nukols Business Machines-Bluefield Business MemberVirginia
Security America, Inc.-CharlestonBusiness MemberWest Virginia
Summit Ironville Fire Department-Ashland Government MemberKentucky
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship-Charleston Church MemberWest Virginia
Revive Ministries, Inc.-Nicholasville Church MemberKentucky
Trinity Wesleyan Church-Oak Hill Church MemberOhio
P & A Engineers and Consultants, Inc.-Louisa Business MemberKentucky
Faith Baptist Church - Wheelersburg Church MemberOhio
Wheelersburg Local School DistrictK-12 MemberOhio
Secure Kentucky Inc.Business MemberKentucky
Taher, Inc.Business MemberMinnesota
West Virginia Convention of Southern BaptistChurch MemberWest Virginia
H E Pilcher & Co.-Huntington Business MemberWest Virginia
Greenup Christian ChurchChurch MemberKentucky
Elite Court Reporting-Cross Lanes Business MemberWest Virginia
Dyer County Board of EducationK-12 MemberTennessee